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1.He said he did not feel daunted by Brazil's rich history of right-sided defenders, such as Carlos Alberto, Cafu and Dani Alves.。
2.It took the five-time world champions just 16 minutes to find the target, with Paris Saint-Germain defender Marquinhos meeting a curling Danilo cross with a powerful header from the edge of the six-yard box.。
3."I have seen more and more young parents bring their children to play golf, which makes me believe golf will have a bright future in China," she said. Enditem。
4.Messi told Barcelona officials that he wanted to leave in August before changing his mind two weeks later to avoid a legal battle with the club he has called home since the age of 13.。
5."We played well at the start, and executed as planned at both ends, which gave us an upper hand in the first half. But back from the locker room, we didn't put enough pressure on them in defense and do well in transition," Beijing coach Zhang Yunsong noted.。
6.Galhardo headed home twice in the space of eight first-half minutes to set up Internacional's seventh win of the season.。


1.Although Valencia have had a reasonably bright start to the campaign with two wins, two defeats and a draw to kick off the season, their 2-0 home defeat to Betis last Saturday highlighted the club's shortcomings.。
2.Marchis was initially shown a red card before having it rescinded following a review by the video assistant referee. Enditem。
3.Neymar's possible withdrawal from Friday's fixture at Corinthians Arena would likely provide a starting opportunity for Benfica forward Everton Soares.。
4."I didn't intend to cry. But these players were quite emotional, as nobody had won the game through overtime before. After seeing them, I could not help from crying on my own," Ji said.。
5.Fans are discussing possible successors for Loew, whose contract expires in 2022. The former Schalke and Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick and German under-21 coach Stefan Kuntz have been mentioned.。
6."We have given away far too many leads," he complains. "We must gain a new mentality."。


1.Ji took up swimming at the age of five, but switched to basketball three years later.。
2.The GFA said the weekend matches for the premier league may be played on any day from Friday to Monday while midweek matches may be played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.。
3.Falcao, who is Colombia's all-time leading scorer with 34 goals in 89 matches, has not represented his country since the penalty shootout defeat to Chile in the Copa America quarterfinals 15 months ago.。
4."I didn't expect to take charge of the team at such an early stage. It arrived all of a sudden," she recalled. "But the team was at a crucial time, so I took it over."。
5.The GFA further announced matches may be played during mornings, mid-afternoons, or evenings depending on kick-off times agreed with its television partner Star Times,a Chinese company.。
6."The important thing is that we won, which was our aim and what we were training for," the 22-year-old said.。


1、According to Bayer Leverkusen, Arias suffered a fractured fibula and tore multiple ankle ligaments.。
2、Though a late race safety car period bunched the pack up and caused several drivers to complain that their tyres were becoming too cold, Hamilton was never truly threatened as he crossed the line for his landmark win.。
3、"I'm kind of surprised! I never thought before the tournament I would play so well. But always knew that if I was going to make a final of a Grand Slam, it would be the French Open," said the Polish teenager said, who crashed Podoroska's hope to become the first qualifier ever to make into the final at a major.。
4、"I'm not just a female coach, I also want to be the inheritor of Chinese martial arts," said Liu, who speaks quickly and talks about her dreams with great enthusiasm.。
5、Messi scored the only goal of the match by converting a first-half penalty as the Albiceleste started their campaign with a gritty, if not entirely convincing, home victory at La Bombonera.。


Turkey rallied back for a second time only ten minutes after Germany scored the second goal as Neuhaus lost the ball to Karaca, who made no mistake to overcome Germany custodian Bernd Leno following a one-on-one.!


  • 伟力 10-19

    The GFA said the new season will run until July next year.

  • 植尖 10-18

    Although Valencia have had a reasonably bright start to the campaign with two wins, two defeats and a draw to kick off the season, their 2-0 home defeat to Betis last Saturday highlighted the club's shortcomings.

  • 者竟 10-17

    In the 76th minute, Lyu Yueyun received a pass and rifled into the net, securing the 4-0 victory for Wuhan.

  • 些天 10-16

    To support the delivery of the season, athletes have agreed to a uniform pay reduction of 15 percent with the exception of those already on minimum payments.

  • 无论 10-15

    "I used to like the international games as it was something different and I will keep working to get back," commented the forward, who said he had a "very good" relationship with Spain national team coach Luis Enrique.

  • 摇头 10-14

    Starting from pole position in a race he needed to win to eat into Hamilton's championship lead, Bottas held off the Briton in the opening stages but lost the lead after locking a wheel on lap 13, before pulling off six laps later for his first retirement of the season.

  • 一后 10-13

    The first half began with both sides looking to pressure the other high up the field and fruit of that pressure the Swiss forced the first chance of the game when De Gea was forced into a flying save to deny Loris Benito's powerful left foot shot from inside the area.

  • 的地 10-12

    It was his milestone 100th win at Roland Garros, against just two defeats, since his debut at the clay major in 2005.

  • 舰都 10-11

    "What my family wanted was to see me happy. There are things that are not known, but at Barcelona they send you away to train separately... My wife was the one who saw that I was down and let me take the opportunity. When Atletico came looking for me, I didn't hesitate for a moment."

  • 被还 10-10

    "A professional player's career could be short, but in this way, football will always be a part of my life," she said.

  • 住了 10-09

    But there's no reason to blame that the latest investigations came at an inopportune time. During recent years, Loew's team is constantly troubled by a leadership problem after dismantling cornerstones such as Thomas Mueller and Mats Hummels.

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